Living Walls

INDOOR / Outdoor

Beverly Hills, CA

Size - Front 800 SF Back 900 SF

Quantity - 10,000 plants

Specs - 32 plant varieties

The intent behind the entrance was a floating door within a green indoor outdoor facade wall. Colorful succulents at the entry and green on green textures as the transition to the interior space. Durable tropical plants were placed at the transition of the glass between the indoor and outdoor space for continuity.

741 Hotel

Laguna Beach, CA

Size: 400 square feet
Type: Tropical shade mix
Quantity: 2,000 plants
Specs: 15 plant varieties Juxtaposed with the gray reclaimed wood the lush verdant green living wall adds a unique texture to this sustainable hotel in Laguna Beach. As thousands of cars and people pass by this hotel every day along a busy South Coast Highway this vertical natural element is a unexpected element that has added to the surrounding area and city as a one of a kind design element. As this facade is in full shade we used tropicals and full shade perennials to create this organic pattern interweaving between the architectural metal encased windows of the hotel.

Office Entry Living Wall

LPA Architects

As innovators in sustainability, LPA has 28 completed LEED certified projects and over 50 more in the works.  83% of the office is LEED certified and are the top architectural firm in the country.  With a strong missions statement filled with green initiatives a Seasons living wall was a natural fit for an entry piece into their new design studio in Irvine, CA.  This is a small statement of who they are and what they stand for.  It is the talking point behind many conversations with clients and is a working model of one of the most sustainable living wall systems in the world.

Auto Court Tapestry

Beverly hills Custom Estate

Size: 750 square feet

Type: Succulent drought tolerant mix

Quantity: 20,000 plants
Specs: 10 plant varieties

For this full sun auto courtyard wall in Beverly Hills a succulent drought tolerant living wall was developed. The large unsitly concrete wall was masked by a tapestry of living color and textures that transformed this unique auto courtyard into an art piece for the clients to enjoy.

* Design Collaboration with Robert E. Truskowski Inc.

Backyard Resort

Custom Residence Newport Coast, CA

Size: 150 square feet

Type: Sun / Shade mix
Quantity: 1,000 plants
Specs: 5 plant varieties

This backyard resort has a strong modern design, which overlooks the pacific ocean. Past the artistic rendition of a real life chess set and centered on the axis of the yard is a large concrete wall that was the perfect canvas for a living wall. The plant pattern was designed in horizontal stripes with contrasting colors, which plays into the central axis of the yard. The plants were chosen based on a tight pattern to keep with a minimalist approach in design.

Commerical Plaza Art Piece

Jamba Juice

Size: 250 square feet

Type: Full sun
Quantity: 1,300 plants
Specs: 8 plant varieties

Located in West Hollywood this busy commercial plaza is shared between Jamba Juice, Target, Starbucks and many other restaurants and stores. Seasons was commissioned to create a living art piece that resembles the plaza tenants as well as the heart and soul of West Hollywood. The rainbow effect of the different colors and textures of the vertical garden was a big success for the consumers and vendors as this thriving art piece provides a natural oasis within the central part of the plaza.

Corporate Lobby

Irvine Company Commercial Office Building

Size: 90 square feet

Type: Fern Tropical foliage mix
Quantity: 180 plants
Specs: 5 plant varieties

Within one of the many office lobbies of the Irvine Company a living wall was designed to bring life into the space in which many corporate professionals traffic through every day. Large foliage plants were chosen to get an full lush look instantly.

Parking Structure Facade

Edwards Lifesciences

Size: 4,000 square feet

Type: Full sun
Quantity: 20,000 plants
Specs: 40 plant varieties

Being the largest hydroponic living wall in North America this parking structure facade adds tremendous value to our clients employees on a daily basis. As the global leader in the science of heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring Edwards Lifesciences promotes healthy living in their customers but their employees as well. This tapestry of plants on a vertical surface covers a cold gray parking garage and is part of a larger 'Campus Green" project, which is the focal point of the whole site.

Entertainment Patio

Custom Residence

-120 square feet
-Succulent mix
-1,200 plants
-8 plant varieties

This whimsical succulent art piece is the center piece for an entertainment area connecting a fireplace lounge overlooking the ocean and a built in bbq cook center and bar. The vibrant colors were chosen to contrast the muted stone cladding throughout the project.


Custom Home Front Entrance

Size: 300 square feet

Type: Tropical foliage mix

Plant Quantity: 1,500 plants

Specs: 22 plant varieties

The client being a custom home builder used our living wall to capture that initial impact to prospective buyers during the sale of this spec home.  The design intent was to recreate a natural cliff on the façade wall, which is the focal point of the whole motor court and front entry.  The living wall along side the water feature and floating stepping pads creates a unique experience, which was the goal of this builder.   

Succulent Living Wall

Little Owl Preschool

Size: 2,000 square feet

Type: Full sun succulents
Quantity: 35,000 plants
Specs: 12 plant varieties

With the environment as the basis for the curriculum at the Little Owl Preschool the living wall was a perfect sensorial learning element for the children. As children are sensorial learners they are given multiple options for self exploration at the Little Owl.  The thriving succulents on the wall at their fingertips play an integral part of that very important natural element.

Shopping Center Succulent Wall

South Coast Plaza

Size: 600 square feet

Type: Succulents
Quantity: 8,000 plants
Specs: 12 plant varieties

This green wall was installed in the middle of South Coast Plaza as a focal point for shoppers as they pass from one space to the next. A stone water feature was designed in to add an element of water with the vertical succulent tapestry.

Restaurant Living Wall

True Foods Kitchen

Size: 140 square feet 

Type: Foliage and shade loving grass mix
Quantity: 1,400 plants
Specs: 9 plant varieties

With a sustainable approach to cooking food, the True Foods Kitchen brand is simple, fresh and pure.  Just is so with the approach at Seasons towards the design inspiration for this outdoor patio living wall.  Linear lines of varying color and texture complimenting the colors of their logo and branding seemed to be a natural fit. 1400 plants with 9 different varieties make up this eye catching tapestry for all of their customers to enjoy.