Factors of Success

System + Plants + Maintenance

Benefits of the Aqua Felt Green Wall System


With a 2” thin architectural profile the AquaFelt Green Wall is a hybrid hydroponic system.  Horticultural success lies between the 2 layers of our engineered textile, which is a natural & flexible backdrop to unlimited artistic plant expressions.
The 100% synthetic AquaFelt layers take the place of soil over time.  They are manufactured to our specifications of loft and density allowing plants roots to roam free and establish maturity throughout the entire vertical garden façade.
1 – Felt Breathes – With the inherent quality of breathable felt, oxygen is readily available for the uptake of plants roots just below the surface. This is a critical difference between plastic or metal modules.
2 – Even Water Distribution – Whether on the  ground or on a wall healthy growing plants need even water distribution to deliver nutrients for on time feedings on a consistent basis.  Our AquaFelt layers have the ability to wick nutrient rich water for 100% even water distribution throughout the entire expanse of the green wall.  Plastic or metal modular based systems inhibit this efficiency of water hydraulics from panel to panel.
3 – Uninhibited Root Growth – As our AquaFelt textiles are installed as vertical monolithic layers the plants roots thrive and grow throughout the entire expanse of the vertical garden.  As the micro fibers of  the roots roam free they are able to access more oxygen and nutrients allowing for optimal growing conditions leading to healthy lush plants. Plastic or metal modules inhibit such growth and the roots get root bound within each of the planters.


The Difference of Experienced Design & Horticulture Plant Selection

All plants have water, nutrient and microclimate requirements.  On a vertical façade growing conditions are vastly different on the top & bottom. There are other site specific factors such as reflective sun heat, shading structures such as buildings & trees.  Some plants that are successful on one wall will not thrive on another with similar microclimates.  The experience in plant palette design and arrangement of these plants on a vertical façade is critical to the success of a living green wall.  We have been developing successful vertical garden plant palettes for over 17 years.  We have developed very durable plant palettes for interior high light and low light as well as exterior sun, part shade and full shade scenarios. 

Our AquaFelt system has been specifically engineered to be hybrid hydroponic. This means most if not all of the soil has been taken off of the root balls upon installation within the felt textile layers.  This allows for long term success as the plant roots draw from added system nutrients versus taking from old soils that lose nutrient value very quickly over time.  Through experience we are able to mix plants with varying water requirement needs into the same vertical watering regime.  By taking varying levels of soil off the root balls of specific plants we are able to create favorable horticultural environments for many diverse plants and plant palettes.


Easy Consistent Oversight Leads to Happy Plants

Once you have the right system and chose the right plants maintenance is really easy. As the right plants get exactly what they need every day the vertical gardens begin to thrive and become organic lush gardens. Checking for clogged emitters, clogged troughs and monitoring on / off automated control times are the basic tasks of our maintenance crews.  Understanding nuance plant signals and signs of distress on a consistent basis is critical to long term success of living plant walls.


System, Plants & Maintenance. 

It is these 3 factors that the team at Seasons Natural Engineering focus on, which lead to happy plants. Happy plants lead to happy customers and ultimately long term vertical garden success.