Louie’s By The Bay – Outside

Project Details
Client: Louie’s By The Bay – Outside
Designer: Scott Hutcheon
Installation: Seasons Landscaping
General Contractor: PKJ Construction
Size: 15’ X 8’ (2)
Location: Newport Beach
Photographer: Brian Lang
Project Story

At Seasons Landscaping, we love blending vertical gardens with the surrounding urban environment. At Louie’s By the Bay, we did just that. Located in Newport Beach, and surrounded by plenty of drab urban architecture, Louie’s stands out with some incredible natural living walls.

Our Lead Designer, Scott Hutcheon, worked on both the interior and the exterior to create that fresh, vibrant atmosphere that the restaurant needed.The outdoor wall provides a beautiful portrait for customers waiting outside. The project measures 15 x 8 per panel, and there are two panels in this particular living wall installation. It also functions as a curiosity factor for any potential customers walking by. The living wall routinely grabs the eyes of pedestrians and becomes a topic of conversation. Even if those pedestrians pass on by, they rarely forget the beautiful natural engineering they just encountered.
The indoor walk-way hosts two different micro-climates and two different sets of plants. Because of the different climates, the plants are watered at different times to ensure their health and beauty. The outdoor wall gives a taste of the indoor atmosphere, while the indoor wall further delves into the awesome environment of the restaurant.

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