Beverly Hills Pool House

Project Details
Client: Private Residence
Designer: Scott Hutcheon
Installation: Seasons Landscaping
Architect: Colby Mayes
General Contractor: Finton Construction
Size: 42’ X 18′
Location: Beverly Hills
Photographer: Brian Lang
Project Story
Here’s another landscape architecture project that we created in Beverly Hills. Designer Scott Hutcheon focused the design around some specific tropical plants.We combined these plants in an organic, natural way so that they seem patternless. We wanted the viewer to relax and take in the whole wall instead of following lines and colors. It allows the modern architecture of the surrounding walls and furniture to stand out. Plants, like people, need fresh air and light. Knowing this, we installed a skylight to help brighten up the living wall, and various doors and windows that follow with the modern style and interior design of the spaceThe living green wall is much more than just something to look at. Fresh air and oxygen help keep the room cool while still smelling great! If it’s an especially hot day you can open the windows and doors for extra circulation. We wanted to blur the lines between interior and exterior. After the project, we at Seasons we’re satisfied that we had done just that with this pool house.
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