Palms Resort

Project Details
Client: Stations Casino & Palms Resort
Designer: Scott Hutcheon
Installation: Seasons Landscaping
Architect: Lifescapes International
General Contractor: McCarthy Construction
Size: 36’ X 16’ / 43’ X 10′
Location: Las Vegas
Photographer: Brian Lang
Project Story
When Palms came to us in need of some interior and exterior landscaping we were beyond excited to get to work. There are three different elements of our work at Palms Resort and Casino.

The first is a beautiful vertical garden with live plants at the main entrance. The second is the hanging garden along the edge of the roof. This is made with synthetic plants. There are also 2 green walls above that, which are also made using synthetics.

The biggest thing we worried about when designing this project was the drastic climate swing that happens in this area. Freezing temperatures at night and scorching heat during the day coupled with howling winds can make living walls almost impossible to install and maintain correctly.

Our very own Scott Hutcheon took the project to the next level with his work. He started with proven “winning plants” that he knew would survive and flourish in the environment. Using various succulents and the AquaFelt system, the wall maintains a beautiful green presence all year round.

We were so happy with the final result and Palms was as well. We would like to thank Lifescapes International for working with us on this project. For more information on vertical gardens and living walls, contact us today!

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