Palm Dr.

Project Details
Client: Private Residence
Designer: Scott Hutcheon
Architect: Tag Front
Size: 18′ X 38′
Location: Beverly Hills
Photographer: Brian Lang
Project Story

The Palm Drive project in Beverley Hills is one of the most interesting horizontal gardens we’ve constructed. The 20-inch concrete retaining wall is visible from many parts of the house, so it needed to fit in with the modern style of the home’s interior. We built the green wall with lush, vibrant textures to contrast the brownish-gray color scheme present in the space.

The wall also has a bit of a twist to it. The doors open to the outside which allow for an optical illusion from some angles. The viewer will struggle to decide whether the wall is indoors or outdoors.

The wall is subterranean and it doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. Lead designer Scott Hutcheon took this into account when he was planning the installation. A horizontal plant layout was chosen rather than a vertical option to allow plants that need more light to stay at the top where more sunlight is available throughout the day.

This project was a great opportunity to showcase what our plant technology at Seasons Landscaping is capable of. Click the link below to see more!

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