Hotel Angeleno


 Project Details
 Client: Hotel Angeleno
 Designer: Scott Hutcheon
 Size: 10’ X 8’
 Location: Los Angeles
 Photographer: Brian Lang

Project Story

The Hotel Angeleno living wall was part of a complete refresh project on the building. The hotel wanted to renew the modern vibe that had represented their brand for many years. In order to do this, we put our natural engineering into practice next to the pool on an available retaining wall.

The living wall is centered across from the access door that opens up into the pool. This means that the first thing someone sees when they enter the pool area is our beautiful living garden.

The whole architectural style of the hotel is spherical, so we designed the living wall to match. With a slogan stating “We are not square”, we designed concentric rings that radiate from the middle of the living wall.

Our wide range of mosaic succulents helps to hammer home the circular atmosphere that accompanies the hotel.

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