Bel Air

Project Details
Client: Private Residence
Designer: Scott Hutcheon
Installation: Seasons Landscaping
Architect: Michael Wilkes
General Contractor: Tyler Development
Size: 36’ X 13’ / 18’ X 8′
Location: Beverly Hills
Photographer: Brian Lang
Project Story

Using a living wall to enhance the architectural style of a home can take the design to a whole new playing field. Blending the modern design with vibrant greenery was our goal in this project.

We really enjoyed working on this home’s composition! Located in Bel Air, we wanted a clean and crisp living wall to mesh with the modern home design. We created and installed two separate walls with similar vertical patterns. The first is located at the stairs leading up to the front door, and the second is in the courtyard.

The intuitive composition of the plants is one of the things that stands out about this project. We designed the wall with color and texture differences which allows the eye to better visualize the special pattern. We wanted a consistent style to match the modern design that was already built into the home.

The designer, Scott Hutcheon chose to use smaller plant types that would grow close together and form a tight-knit design. At Seasons Landscaping, we seek to change spaces and create innovative living walls in unexpected places. Check out our website to see more!

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