Edwards Life Sciences

Project Details
Client: Edwards Life Sciences
Designer: Scott Hutcheon
Installation: Seasons Landscaping
Architect: LPA
General Contractor: Rudolph Sletten Construction
Size: 120’ X 38′
Location: Irvine
Photographer: Gillian Crane
Project Story

The Edwards Life Science project is one of the largest living walls in the United States. We created it as part of their “green” project for their corporate office.

The company needed a large parking garage to house its employee’s vehicles. They wanted something that would stand out from normal parking structures, and would also add to the overall design of the campus.

Scott Hutcheon designed this large living wall with various plants that would do well in the climate. He took into account the wind, and sunlight that different places of the wall would receive throughout the day. We use special technology to keep the wall watered and healthy throughout the year.

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