South Coast Botanic Garden

Project Details
Client: South Coast Botanic Garden
Designer: Scott Hutcheon
Installation: Seasons Landscaping
Size: 40’ X 10′
Location: Long Beach
Photographer: Brian Lang
Project Story

This Botanic Garden project was for the new South Coast garden area. We designed 4,000 succulents and ferns in concentric rings. We blended different colors and textures and volumes to create the drama in this vertical garden. If you are visiting a botanic garden, you expect to see plants. But you probably don’t expect to see an incredible living wall like the one we designed and installed at SouthCoast Botanic Garden. We especially enjoyed this project because of the geometry of it.

A normal living wall catches the eye simply because of its beauty. But this wall gives a colorful twist on the classic green panel. The wall has a spherical design to it which causes it to stand out from many of the living walls in the world. We placed over 4,000 succulents and ferns in a circular shape on the wall panel, focusing on various colors, textures, and volumes to create a piece of art that stands out.

Scott Hutcheon, our Lead Designer, spent many hours crafting the design and overseeing the installation. He also spent extra time working with SouthCoast on the maintenance and care of the wall. We don’t just design and install living walls, we also teach the owners how to care for it on a daily basis.

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