Beverly Hills Auto Courtyard

Project Details
Client: Private Residence
Designer: Scott Hutcheon
Installation: Seasons Landscaping
Architect: Robert Truskowski
General Contractor: Richard Holz Construction
Size: 42’ X 18′
Location: Beverly Hills
Photographer: Gillian Crane
Project Story
One of the most prestigious projects that we’ve worked on at Seasons, this Beverley Hills homeowner wanted something that felt different as you entered the property.Specifically, he wanted the entrance to feel like an experience in itself. We designed this living wall on the side of the auto courtyard retaining wall. It turned out to be the perfect canvas for our vertical garden layout.

We spent some time working with our plant suppliers on the exact specifications of plant type, color, and length. Using many different ground cover succulents, our designers created a light, modern design that looked much like a quilt of plants. The wall looks incredible when you get close to it, and at the same time, the distance creates that sort of special experience that we and the customer we’re seeking.

All in all, we love the idea of creating an experience with one of our green walls. They stand out and catch the eye of everyone who comes across them. If you want to create an experience for the viewer in your business or home feel free to contact us at Seasons Natural Engineering.

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