Design • Installation • Maintenance


The seasons design team looks at every project as a blank canvas. Customer style and site conditions vary on each project leading to different graphic design and plant palette combinations. As the growth of the global living wall market soars to new heights so does the variations of designs. We strive for different ways to design and develop our living walls so that every wall is unique and specific to our customer.


Living walls require diverse and technical labor skill sets. Framing, Hardware expertise, Planting in a hydroponic environment, Irrigation, electrical and Metal fabrication. Our installation crews scale from small residential to large commercial projects and are always in between various stages of the project at any given time. The seasons project management team is organized, timely and professional delivering technical living wall installations to our customers.


It is in our best interest for our living walls to ‘Live’. There are 3 main components to a successful long lasting living wall installation. The system, the plants and the maintenance. Beyond the proven long term success with the AquaFelt system and experienced horticultural staff to select and source the right plants there is maintenance. This is equally critical and our maintenance technicians protect your investment for years to come. With integrated water sensors and automated irrigation system controller our maintenance staff receives email and text notifications of any power failures on any of our walls. We are able to adjust the timing of watering from the comfort of our office to ensure a higher level of customer confidence throughout the years.