With a B.A. in Marketing at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, Jenn directs all marketing for Seasons. ‘Vertical gardens are an expression of the arts and the marketing should reflect that.’ The web site, design deliverables and every piece of marketing that leaves the office is curated by Jenn. Showcasing the Seasons brand through PR, Blogs, advertisements and social media campaigns are just a few reasons that make Jenn the Marketing Director for Seasons.
Jenn has been a part of Seasons since its inception, which might explain her ever-growing love of living walls. Her favorite part of green walls is how each one is a unique piece of living art that gives the surrounding area a distinct sense of personality.

With a B.A. from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Edward ‘Teddy’ has a strong background in entrepreneurial ventures surrounding sustainability and cleantech. Teddy is a front facing business development director for Seasons. His business acumen has proven very valuable by aligning Seasons with many sustainability minded customers. Teddy manages many parts of Seasons and is a project manager for larger projects. With his easy going nature and strong communication skills he is able to manage many people and successfully navigate complex projects to completion.

Kris has an eye for practical yet visually striking designs, and his sharp sense of aesthetics shows through in his CAD constructions of Seasons living walls. With an educational background in landscape architecture, engineering, and drafting design, Kris lays out clear and functional plans for each green wall that are guaranteed to suit the client’s tastes.

Kris enjoys teaming up with other creative designers to create living walls that work in a wide range of scales, from simple residential to large commercial projects. With each proposal, he aims to explore and expand the boundaries between nature and structure.

As director of all installations, Pedro has a keen understanding of engineering and construction as they relate to overall design and aesthetic. Thanks to his decade of experience building living walls with Seasons, Pedro is able to clearly envision each completed project before he even starts building it. He understands living walls are works of art tailored to fit each customer’s needs, and his passion for perfection ensures that every installation is a success.

Hernandez is our resident plant-handling expert. He uses his gentle touch and technical skill to meticulously prepare each plant for living walls, and he knows exactly how to plant them to maximize their beauty and resilience. Thanks to his detailed nature and sharp judgement, every plant is always given the exact amount of space it needs, right down to the last square-inch.

With over 35 years of experience in interior and exterior landscaping, it would be an understatement to say that Kerry is an expert in working with plants. As Maintenance Director, Kerry puts this expertise to use in making sure that our living walls continue to flourish, and he works closely with the designers and the construction team in order to transition smoothly from installation to acclimation. He acts as a liaison between Seasons and the client to make sure that each wall continues to get the care that it needs while maintaining the original design aesthetics. We always tell our customers, “It’s in our best interest for our living walls to live,” and Kerry makes sure of that.

A skilled carpenter by trade, Juan is our installation manager and resident hardware specialist. Each living wall is like a puzzle with unique construction needs and engineering challenges, and Juan enjoys working to find creative solutions to each one. With his elegant installation technique and eye for detail, he finishes all aesthetic framing for Seasons living walls with finesse

With a background in both botany and art, Palmira is our specialist in selecting healthy and attractive plants from the nurseries of our grower partners. She works closely with our planting crews to assess needs for each individual wall, and her excellent sense of timing has allowed her to consistently source the the best plants from our growers at just the right time. She makes it her mission to deliver the ideal plants for each living wall to uphold the original design and set the project up to be a long-term success. Palmira received her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She gravitates strongly towards projects that improve the environment in aesthetically pleasing ways, which might explain her adoration of green walls.

“With a strong understanding of horticulture, technology, botany, and architecture, Scott has dedicated himself to creating vertical ecosystems and leading the Seasons team in designing unique living wall arrangements for each client.

Scott founded Seasons Landscaping in 1998 after graduating with a degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. What originally started out as a design-build firm eventually developed into the current Seasons after he noticed the spread of living wall technology throughout the world in 2006; Scott was inspired by their sustainability and organic aesthetic as well as the positive effects they have on people and their surroundings.

Scott sees landscaping as a fusion of art and engineering. “Our vertical garden technology and process offers a new architectural canvas for horticultural works of art to thrive for years,” he says. Scott believes that there is a common denominator between art, design, and living walls: the enriching value they bring to the owners and the urban spaces they inhabit. His philosophy is that living walls go beyond both the simple and complex in architecture with their unique ability to improve the environment in unexpected places.

Connecting people and nature within built communities is Scott’s top priority. He believes that this connection is instrumental to physical and mental health, and he uses living walls as a unique tool to help customers bring a subtle sense of well-being to their audiences.”